As we approach the end of the tax year our minds turn to P30/P35 differences, or maybe not! If, on period update (or manually selecting the P30/P35 comparison option) you find that you have a difference between your P30 (Company) and P35 (Employee) totals either in the tax, PRSI or both then it may be due to one of the following reasons

  1. A new employee was setup with PRSI figures from another employment.
  2. A new employee was setup with P45 pay and tax entered as this employment.
  3. An employee’s PRSI class was changed without retaining existing data.
  4. A manual adjustment was made to an employee’s tax, PRSI or income levy (soon to be Universal Social Charge) but no corresponding change was made to the company’s P30 details

EuroPayX also provides a set of reports to help identify potential employee records that may be causing the difference. To run these reports choose Tools->Data Doctor->Reporting and choose from the following diagnostic reports depending on where the difference is

  • P30/P35 tax comparison
  • P30/P35 Employee PRSI comparison
  • P30/P35 Employer PRSI comparison
  • P30/P35 Income Levy (USC) comparison

The employees who appear on these reports are only potential causes of your P30/P35 difference they may appear for other reasons such as having been transferred internally.

PayDay has a P30/P35 find differences report under misc reports to help identify employee records that may be causing the differences.