Do you need to validate your employees’ PPSN details with Revenue.

Revenue is encouraging all employers to validate their employees’ PPSN details well ahead of 2019 and the implementation date for PAYE Modernisation. This is to ensure that 2019 RPN details (the replacement for P2C files) will be correct.

Revenue provide a means for employers to submit a file with all their employees details. And if you use either of Ardbrook’s payroll products – EuroPay or PayDay – then your payroll software is already able to produce the file required by Revenue.

It’s a simple process in both our Payroll products and by taking time to get your records validated with Revenue now, you’ll help ensure your initial RPN files (replaces the current P2C files) will be accurate.

You should get your Employee List generated and submit it to Revenue as soon as possible.

Contact for more details.