Worried about the impact of GDPR?
GDPR Regulations come into force from May 25th.
  • What can you do to help make your sensitive Payroll Data GDPR Compliant?
  • Encrypt your hard drive
  • Protect your data from external hackers with the use of a firewall
  • Use strong passwords to limit access to authorised personnel only and change them regularly
  • Review what information can be sent by email – ensure that it is encrypted and password protected.
  • Have strong procedures and policies to manage your payroll data
  • Consider anonymising key personal data fields – this is a feature if using EuroPay
  • Know what data you have, including in backup files, and decide if you really need to have it and how long you need to keep it for.
  • And don’t forget, GDPR covers ALL personal data you hold – both electronically and on paper – all personal data must be held securely.
How can Ardbrook help you be GDPR Compliant
  • EuroPay allows you to anonymise the main data items relating to each employee’s personally identifiable information. This is in addition to the encryption of your hard drive.
  • We allow you set different strengths of password e.g. applying the Stanford Standard
  • We don’t let you send payslips by email unless those emails have a password assigned to them.
  • If your data is anonymised, our support staff don’t see your employees’ sensitive data when they log in to your system during a support call
  • Ardbrook doesn’t pass on or share your data with any third parties or sub-processors.
  • Ardbrook operates strong procedures and policies for all its employees in relation to accessing, handling and disposing of your employee data, should you share it with us

Ardbrook works to help you keep your data safe. Where possible we adopt a “Privacy by Design” approach.

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