Follow this link Guide to Successful PAYE Modernisation to find the ten key steps that need to be taken to ensure Successful PAYE Modernisation implementation.

Successful PAYE Modernisation requires each employer to take certain steps every time they

  • Pay Employees
  • Take on a New Hire
  • An employee leaves the organisation

Revenue need to be notified whenever any of the above events occur.

Employers also need to contact Revenue in advance of each Payroll Calculation to validate that the Employer is using the latest and correct details for Credits and Allowances for each Employee.

Employees should be asked to confirm that all their Credits and Allowances are both accurate and properly allocated by Revenue. Employees can do this by logging into their myAccount details with Revenue.

Employers who do not update all Employee RPN details before each Payroll Calculation or who do not report all Payment details to Revenue when Employees are paid are exposing themselves to Revenue Audits.

Employees who do not ensure their Credit and Allowance details are complete and accurate with Revenue may find themselves being subject to Emergency Tax, PRSI and USC on all their Earnings from their employment with you.

Use Professional Payroll software from a trusted supplier to minimise problems. Contact us for more details –