DataSet Archiving in PayDay is the automatic storing of Datasets during each period update, but before clearing down all this period values. Archived Datasets can then be accessed at any stage, allowing reports to be run, etc. To access Archived Datasets (ensure there is no currently open Dataset) select ‘File’, and then ‘Archived Datasets’ from the main menu.

Archive Selection

PayDay by default displays all Archives, to reduce the number down use the
Archive Selections options.

  • Company Name -Limits the list of archives to the selected company.
  • All Archives – List both Period Update and Year End Archives
  • Period Update Archives – List only Archives created for a Period Update. Tax Year – Select Archives for a tax year. Frequency – Select Archives for frequency.
  • Year-End Cleardown Archives – List only Archives created prior to the Year End Cleardown of a tax year

Archived Datasets

‘Archived Datasets’ lists all Archives matching the Archive Selection and in the current ‘Archived DataSet Path’. Listed for each Archive is the Extension (Company Code), Tax Year, Frequency and Period (where applicable) of when it was created. To see details on a archived dataset highlight it, and information for the
Archive DataSet, at the point it was created will display.

Archived DataSet Path
The Archived DataSet Path, is set to the ‘ARCHIVE’ directory, below the current default directory. You should not need to change it.

Open Archive
Opens the currently selected archived DataSet. It is not possible to calculate or period update a Archived DataSet, but you can print all reports, etc.

Delete Archive
Deletes the currently selected archived DataSet. Frees up disk space.

Restore Archive
Restores the currently selected DataSet over the original. This option is password protected to avoid accidental use.

Note: DataSet Archiving can be turned off in the [System Parameters] window.