A facility to pay tax by credfit card (limited to VISA and MasterCard) to Revenue using the Revenue On-Line Service (ROS) is now available. A person wishing to pay by credit card via ROS must pay a transaction charge, of 1.49% of the value of the payment. This charge is purely related to third party fees incurred by Revenue, in the provision of this service.

Debit, Laser and Credit card details are now validated on ROS in real time. Revenue has engaged the services of a Payments Gateway, to provide for the real time authorisation of such card details used to make payments. The ROS payment process has been updated to seamlessly re-redirect users to the Payments Gateway hosted web page. The sole purpose of this re-direct is to capture, authorise and process the user card details.
The regulations governing payment of tax by credit card on ROS are set out in pdfS.I. No. 255 of 2012 (PDF, 40KB),
The ROS Payment Support telephone service is available Monday to Friday 9:00-17:00 hours on 1890 226 336 (international customers: +353 1 7023052).