For this tax year end Ardbrook have added the option to our EuroPayX irish payroll software to enable you to email P60’s and Year End Income Levy Certs to your employees. If you already use the email payslip facility then this option is for you.

Setting up Email Payslips, P60’s and Levy Certs

  1.  Options – Company Details – Email Address – Enter the email address from which the payslips are being sent eg
  2.  (Applies to Email Payslips only) Options – Pay Controls – Payslip Tab – Initialise Email Payslip Count – Use this option to purchase a quantity of email payslips. The number decrements as they are used.
  3. Options – Pay Controls – Email Tab – Lotus Notes Email – Only tick this box if client is using Lotus Notes. EuroPay uses Microsoft Outlook by default. Also enter the Mail Server Name e.g.
  4.  Employee – Basic Tab – Email Address – Enter the email address which the employee wants the payslip, P60 or Income Levy Cert to be sent
  5.  Employee – HR Tab – Password – Enter a password if employee wishes to secure the email attachment containing the payslip. For a new employee it is possible to default the password to be the same as the employee PPS number. Tick Active box if password is to be used.
  6.  Employee – HR Tab – Email Payslip – Tick this box if employee is to receive payslip via email
  7.  Payroll Run – Reporting – Payslips – Send Report To – Email (PDF) – Tick this box to generate email paylips for those employees who are calculated and with option 6 above active