This is check list of reports and functions to be performed in your EuroPayX or PayDay payroll when closing off 2010 Tax Year and entering 2011 Tax Year. For more information see the documentation provided and/or manual. Once again if you have a week 53 ( In 2010 a payroll run date of 31st December) it must be done as a separate payroll  run and not be included in holiday weeks.

  • Import Tax Credit file as downloaded from ROS. (Check that the Tax Registration number on the file is the same as your DataSet.) In 2011 Due to the Reduction in personal tax credits and cut-off points, it is essential that the latest P2C’s are loaded immediately, otherwise employees will have an under payment of tax, which will be clawed back in subsequent pay periods further reducing net pay.
  • Print the “Tax Credit Import Process Report”. Optional : If you require a listing of the contents of the Tax Credit file print the “Tax Credit File Print” Report.
  • Manually enter any Paper Tax Credits (don’t forget Cut-Off Points) issued after your Tax Credit file.
  • Amend Central Statistics Office NES Survey parameters, if applicable.
  • As all PRSI Class K employees were changed to M by the year end cleardown, if you have any “office holders” on your payroll you need to set them onto PRSI Class K1
  • Run the first period of the new Tax-Year

Check List (Closing off 2010)

  • Install the 2010/2011 Year End/Tax Year Update CD if you haven’t already done so.
  • Ensure all Frequencies are Period Updated. (Status should say Updated or Not Used)
  • Back-Up and/or Copy the DataSet and put the back-up in a safe place (preferably off-site).
  • Print the P35 Validation Report. This lists missing or invalid PPS Numbers, missing Dates of Birth or Addresses that should be entered or corrected before producing the P35 XML (for ROS) file and printing P60s. Please note that the revenue will no longer accept a P35 return on diskette. They will only accept the P35 using the Revenue Online Service (ROS) or by paper on approved stationery. This is a manual exercise and will require the transcribing of the P35 figures from printed reports onto the revenue supplied stationery.
  • Print Plain Paper P35 report for your own records and check for anomalies.
  • Produce P35 XML File for Revenue NOTE: To be compatible for ROS you must be running EuroPay Xtra or PayDay on a Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 2000 computer. The internal modules within EuroPay Xtra and PayDay to produce XML files use some of the latest PC technology which is not supported by older Operating Systems (O/S) or Computers
  • Print P60s on new plain paper option, Z fold pressure seal (EuroPay Xtra) or on the pre-printed forms provided by Revenue.
  • Print Income Levy Certificates and where necessary PRD Certificates
  • Print Employee Details (Long) Report for all employees [PayDay].
  • Run “Clear-Down PayRoll” option from the “Year-End” Menu.

Check List (Entering 2011)