Do you know that Ardbrook provide Irish payroll systems suitable for any size of enterprise? If you are comfortable and happy with PayCE, why not use one of our payrolls?

PayDay and EuroPay Xtra incorporate full compliance with all aspects of PAYE and PRSI and they are rapidly updated to take into account budgetary and legislative changes. You can have an unlimited number of employees, departments, cost centres etc. In the multi-company versions you can have an unlimited number of companies. Fixed, variable and memo pay elements are catered for and the payroll for any period can be calculated, checked and adjusted, if necessary, prior to the update.

Reports can be outputted to Excel, Word, and in HTML and Acrobat (PDF) formats. If you have access to the internet then payslips can be compressed, and password protected if required, and delivered using your own email service.

Why not file your P35, P45s and receive Tax Credit files from the Revenue Online Services (ROS)? Take the hassle out of Central Statistics Office (CSO) returns with our XML link to the CSO website. Links to time and attendance, personnel and general ledger systems are just some of the other features available.

Worth checking out!